vSound 2 is an Impulse Response (IR) pedal that can upgrade your electric violin, viola or cello with the timbre and voice of a fine acoustic.

The software is supplied with 28 high-end violins (including Stradivarius, Guarneri and Gagliano), 3 cellos and 3 cello/violin hybrid IRs. The hardware is pre-loaded with IRs and can hold 10 of your favorite instruments.

vSound 2 were developed by Signal Wizard Systems and Patrick Gaydecki, Professor of Digital Signal Processing at the University of Manchester.

Try before you buy: You have the right to cancel the purchase without having to give a reason at any time within 14 days from delivery.


  • vSound 2 unit
  • Power supply: standard 9V DC, centre negative, EU plug
  • Micro-USB cable


  • Antonio Stradivarius (6 violins)
  • Carlo Tononi (4 violins)
  • Enrico Catenari (2 violins)
  • Eugenio Degani
  • Ferdinand Gagliano
  • Guarneri del Gesu (3 violins)
  • Hans Johannsson (7 violins)
  • Hauk Buen Hardanger Fiddle (4 violins)


  • Borgar
  • Bryndish
  • Lupont

Hybrid cello/violin IRs

  • Cello Stradivarius hybrid
  • Cello violin hybrid 1
  • Cello violin hybrid 2